what to read next

i just finished reading the guernsey literary & potato peel pie society--a light, easy read. however, each summer, i try to visit/revisit a classic, but this year i haven't done this yet. in summers past, i have "tackled" east of eden, a separate peace, to kill a mockingbird, the great gatsby--just to name a few. which brings me to my dilemma--i need to get started on a classic, but what? i am debating: catcher in the rye, crime & punishment, tender is the night? anything else? i tried anna karenina one summer and almost finished it, but...didn't. so i would like something fairly manageable, if you know what i mean?


Anonymous said...

I recommend anything by Dumas, my favorite is The Count of Montecristo.

susan said...

thanks, dave...i will consider it. :P

Ellen said...

Hmmm, the classic book I decided to read this summer was Animal Farm. And it still sits unopened. Instead I'm reading the Girl Who Played with Fire... so wonderful!

Oh, and I'm halfway through Delivered from Distraction... coincidence? Maybe.

Laura said...

Hey Aunt Susan!

I am a total Russian literature nerd, so I actually finished Anna Karenina, but if you want one that's a lot more manageable, I recommend Dr. Zhivago, by Pasternak.