lately i have not been too into award shows...usually because i am not hip enough to know any of the nominees.  but this year i decided to dvr the emmys just because i think host jimmy fallon is super funny.  and i was not disappointed in the opening number...oh.my.  it had all my favorites:  glee cast members, the cute jimmy fallon who really can sing, tina fey, joel mchale, tim gunn, hurly from lost!! if you missed it, please watch and enjoy....if you have seen it already, then watch it again--it only gets better!

i just have one question...i guess i am not hip enough to know who the tiny girl in the red tank top who joins the 'club' when they are singing down the hallway--anyone know who she is?


i knew it...and i'm not the only one

what, exactly do i know?

well...that legos are awesome! i really don't remember playing with them much as a child...but when my kids were little, i really got into them. Sometimes i think i was more excited than my kids when they would receive a new set. i can't explain it...the thrill of building something with legos. i even treated myself with the falling water house by frank lloyd wright set this year. when my house gets settled, i plan to relish every minute of building it {of course, i will blog about it} and proudly displaying it. i know--i'm pretty much a geek!

but what brought this blog idea to mind? i saw an article last week that reinforced and frankly, justified my love of all things lego--
it seems a survey about the most popular toy ever made was done by toyology.com and the clear winner was--you guessed it lego!
read all about it here.

let me share just small offering of  lego coolness--
a dj booth...

if you want to, go here to learn how to make it.

or a tattooed lego guy... or two {presented by pilot pens}

or if you're in the mood for built-to-scale fast food...

or maybe you care to live in legos--bbc television host james may and  1,000 helpers built a 20ft-tall lego house on a wine estate in surrey complete with working plumbing and even a cat. it took over three million bricks...

and then there is this--
something called the brick testament...it is, in their words, "the world's largest, most comprehensive illustrated bible" with over 420 stories depicted--i just really don't know what to think about this...
here is an example of an illustration from noah's story--

but for me...the coolest lego 'creation' is not so much something built out of legos, but something repaired with legos...
the amazing work of jan vormann, a german artist who has traveled all over the world repairing gaps, cracks, etc. in buildings with, you guessed it again--legos! 

some examples in new york city
...look at the bottom right--
across from penn station/madison square garden

bryant park at 42nd street

one really cool example from barcelona

a massive example in tel aviv

and lastly, if you get a chance...visit a legoland theme park--trust me, you will be impressed.

are you a fan of lego?  or do you not see the beauty and creativity that legos afford? 
do you have a different favorite toy that you enjoy even today?


hello? hello? is anyone still out there?

contrary to popular belief, i did not fall off the face of the earth--
i've just been a bit distracted this summer.
what a summer it has been...i cannot wait to write about it all (i hope you all are still interested in the going-ons of the parrish family)!

i really hate to use an excuse...but i feel i must.  you see, we moved this summer.  some of you know the story--
spend 3 years designing/building our dream home...live in it 7 years...realize there is way more to living...simplify...find a great modern house in a neighborhood near our church...simplify...buy modern house...find renters for the dream home (the high end real estate market stinks right now)...simplify...and move!

from this:
our dream house

to this...

plus because we did need a little more room for the grand piano and an office for MHD, we are building an addition--

hopefully, you'll visit this blog often and see the posts as each room gets done.  i am really not planning on moving again...i am just getting too old...so i want to organize and furnish this house smartly, i.e. not too fast, but with a lot of thought.

so, you may be wondering what else happened this spring/summer--?
here's a preview*

prom/graduation for MDE
a wedding for MNL in atlanta
our annual trip to san diego
moving MDE to college
MTSC learning to drive
and of course, the move
*may not be posted in chronological order

i do hope that you will continue to visit my little blog...and just a reminder, i love love love comments! teehee