I finally finished my cross stitch iphone case...the mouse pattern is from Martha Stewart--the Missoni-inspired background is my own 'creation'.


DIY bow belt

i am not a seamstress, not by any stretch of the imagination...however, by following the easy directions/pictures of this cute diy bow belt from momtastic.com, i was able to make this belt for my daughter in less than 30 minutes. it really was just a trial run--not even sure she will like it--and i just used some leftover knit fabric from a school project she had just completed.


i really haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

funny how things change.  our lives have taken a major turn this last year and i hope to begin sharing some thoughts about that.

BUT for now...please know that i am still around, still love to hear from you all, and if you are interested...let me know if you are on pinterest.  it's so fun if you are in a 'time-wastin'' kind of mood [which for me, you know, is more often than not!]


if you like the samoa girl scout cookie...

...or as it is sometimes called, the Caramel deLite--
well--i have discovered an alternative that is somewhat more healthy.

have you tried the kellogg's fiber plus bars? they offer a flavor called caramel coconut fudge that is yummmm-mmmy! in a blindfolded test, i bet that i couldn't tell the difference between the samoa and this bar.  here are the nutrition facts. compare & decide for yourself if it's worth it.  and if you do, let me know what you think....


i'm still here...

it does me good to say that i have been working on some projects lately--not to mention trying to get a grip on my 'out of control' workroom.  and i finally succumbed to joining the fun that is pinterest.  i have avoided it for about a year now--my nature is to spend waaaay too much time on such a cool site. but when 2 friends invited me--i couldn't say no.  so now, often when i have any time to be on the computer--that's what i am doing...not updating my blog. so--for the few of you that are still interested....i will try to be better about posting things.  i promise it is not for the lack of material!

i leave you now with, what is my favorite calendar to date, july...
it's an RV....just like the one that we shared with in-laws & cousins on one of the most fun vacations ever to yellowstone.  we had our share of mishaps--but i think that was one of the reasons that we still reminisce and laugh about it even though it was about 7 years ago...
bumper sticker limerick for the other side...teehee


where have i been...?

one word...ethiopia!

as i get back in the swing of things back in the fort--i will be sharing amazing stories and pictures from our trip...so please stay tuned!

for now--
june's papercraft calendar


a little tardy...

...but here is my may papercraft calendar--
it's rather cute, i think--
the fun thing about this tiki is the limerick on the back--
and if you remove the head, you find out why it 'trembles & knocks'...
teehee...a woodpecker! how cute!