quick craft

as it happened last night--saturday--MHD was on call & MTSC was at a friend's house.  so i had the whole house to myself.  we haven't been watching much tv lately--just a couple of shows we dvr [side note...i'm using this word as a verb--teehee].  so i was surprised to see on our guide that this weekend is the free starz channels.  i promptly checked it out and i found a movie that i could watch and possibly enjoy...the karate kid.  the new one.  with jaden smith and jackie chan.  it's actually about kung fu so i am sooo confused about why they called it the karate kid--anyone have insight into this matter?

ok, back on topic.  since this movie is not terribly confusing, a la inception, and the dialogue is not hard to follow, a la the social network...i decided to craft while watching. it's not often that i can find something to craft that is not only cute, but quick...able to be completed in 2 hours or less.

the idea came from here.  these woven chain bracelets from a designer named aurelie bidermann can cost over $500!! examples--
well...for my designer inspired woven bracelet...i paid around $3 for the bracelet and i have so much embroidery floss from other projects that i consider it to be no cost.  so, what do you think? would you wear one of these?  did i make good use of my time?  comments are always welcome!
it's kind of hard to tell but my bracelet is actually silver...and i used a combo of taupes and teals


here comes the brides...

we have had the privilege of seeing two of our nieces get married in the last 7 months.  what beautiful brides, handsome grooms, and fun weddings they each had...

i'm not sure they read my little blog [highly doubt it], but i hope they don't mind me sharing a few details and images from these amazing events--

last june, ONL [my sister's daughter] took the plunge in atlanta. it was a beautiful outdoor event--complete with a seated dinner, fun dancing [well, it was where i learned The Cupid Shuffle!...now i am a 'hit' at all the hip parties...teehee], and yummy bite size desserts.  the veil was actually worn by my mother [i think. correction: it was new for my sister], my sister, and myself.
[i apologize for not giving credit to the professional photographer...but i can't remember his name. ...update: photographer was Nam Nguyen ]

last month, ONA [MHD's sister's daughter] was married in driftwood texas, just outside of austin.  it was quite the university of texas event since she was once a captain of the pom squad and the groom was on the football team!  the beautiful ceremony was to be outside but as they were faced with downpours, plan b went into action--which was equally as wonderful.  they, too, had dinner, dancing [we all were cuttin' a rug], and fun was had by all of MHD's extensive extended family.
[professional photos by taylor lord]
now as an added bonus--an action shot of my son and his cousins gettin' jiggy wit it--
...and such cute pics of 'the boys'
...and i can't leave out MDE
and lastly, a funny one--
MDE and her aunt were the cake servers.  however, trying to cut and plate cake for 350 people can take a while.  with the line to get cake growing, the mother of the bride [my sister in law] seemed stressed by the fact that it was slow going.  so i jumped in to help.  problem was--i had been dancing...and i mean, dancing! so i was super sweaty.  it didn't help that we were frantically trying to plate cake.  well, someone wanted to take our pic serving the cake...
so here is the 'before' pic

dabbing at the sweat...
still glistening


a recent craft...

oh...to be honest, i have sooo many crafts that i have done in the last couple of months that i would love to share with you. but alas, i've been so neglectful of my blog.  so today, i have to start somewhere and why not start with my latest craft.

i have a dear friend who needed to give away her precious chihuahua [you know how it is...a 3 year old and an infant take up alot of time].  here is a pic of sweet cabo--
the great news is that they found a wonderful home for her...the bad news is [it's a long story] she is now back--short term.  when i decided to do this project, it was to be a 'reminder' of cabo.  so even though she is back temporarily, i went ahead and completed the gift...
large kitchen towel, hand embroidered with a 'cabo-like' chihuahua
so...what do you think?  i am loving doing embroidery...have you seen the website/blog called sublime stitching?  her tagline is: this ain't your gramma's embroidery.  i have purchased several of her patterns--so cool.  you should give it a try!


quick sidenote...

so i have already started my next post [it's one filled with beautiful images...visit again later and see].  BUT i wanted to let you all know about a really good book that i just finished [!]...i know, me...finishing a book. well, it was an easy read, not too long, nonfiction, and the first book that i bought and actually read on my kindle that i got for my birthday...in november.  so if you need a book recommendation, try--
Little Princes--One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal
by Conor Grennan


it's a snow day....

well, they were right...it's a snow day.  or as i have heard it called-
snowmeggdon or sleethappens.

regardless of what it's called [you know the packer/steeler people are laughing at us...the way a few little snowflakes shut the city down]--it is nice to have a day hunkered down in the casa with my boys and my dogs.  later i am making potato leek soup, doing the laundry, and possibly even writing another post [it promises to be one for the 'eyes'].

for now, though, i will leave you with some images of my house [and one for a special follower of this blog <3 ]