if i may....

pardon me while i boast about my kids...
not only are they faithful believers who are ardently pursuing sanctification, but they are kind, funny, loving, and if i may, very talented.
MTSC is one of three freshmen that made the varsity soccer team at his school...and if that weren't enough, he hustles and makes smart plays, and as a result, usually plays the entire game.
look at the size of these guys!

and as i have said here, MDE won her talent show at school...i hope you enjoy these clips of her performances--
MDE, lead singer--song: 1-2-3-4 (by Feist)
i apologize for the funky audio...

and the winning performance--MDE singing and playing the piano with two of her friends
song: the chain (by ingrid michaelson)


you may be wondering....

...why is there a smile on my face this week?

  • i've been 'shufflin off to the southside' for tap class.  so far i have had two classes--boy, not only is my body getting a workout, but my brain, my brain...it's having to dig deep in the far recesses of itself to recover whatever 'tap vocabulary' is left from years' ago and send it to my feet.  but it's just so much fun!
  • MDE won, yes, won her school's 'trojan idol' talent show...glory be to God for the gift of a beautiful voice and heavenly piano playing He blessed her with...
  • MTSC and i have been squaring off on our iphones on an app called 'words with friends'...too fun!
  • had a lunch date yesterday with MHD...and i am beating him 280-270 in wwf...and best of all--he picked up MTSC from school 2 {!} times this week
  • MTSC lost a hard fought soccer game last night...but it made for such an exciting friday night!
  • watched monsters, inc. with the family.  i had forgotten how funny it is...

  • and although i am saddened by conan's early 'retirement' from the tonight show, it sure made for some hilarious shows this week...
...hope your week was full of things that made you smile, too--i would love to hear about them--


thoughts on haiti...

as i sit in the lavish comfort of my home, thoughts of the devastation in haiti rack my brain...
at this point, i can offer money and, more importantly, my heartfelt prayers.  many organizations are taking donations, of course, but something else has arisen from this tragedy.  the church network that our family is a part of...the acts 29 network...has come together to begin an organization to help the churches in haiti--churches helping churches.  won't you follow this link, read about what they are doing by God's grace, pray for them, and if so led, donate...?

other wonderful organizations...

Food for the Hungry


Caris Foundation (my friend Heather Davis is on staff here)
Operates a pediatric HIV hub in Port au Prince, Haiti, provides surgical and medical aid, and funds surgeries for injured and needy Haitians
Galatians 6:10 says, “and let us do good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of faith.”
"So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith." -Galatians 6:10
"So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith." -Galatians 6:10


a toast for the new year....

although it's no longer new year's eve {i have never been one who does things on time}, won't you join me in raising your coffee mug, tea cup, whatever glass you are drinking out of at the moment and let me make a toast--
here's to:
*babies...toddlers...and teenagers!
*hair color--that keeps my gray covered so i can look as young as i feel
*audiobooks & podcasts--for those times when the radio just won't do
*college visits--what a great way to see america
*pilates--i may not look like madonna, but i sure feel good
*the simple things in life--french press coffee, snow on Christmas Eve, family game night
*netflix, blockbuster, pay per view--nothing like watching movies in your jammies
*worship songs & hymns
*completed college applications--now she waits
*extra effort--the thing that helped my freshman make the varsity soccer team
*dance competitions--and the well-deserved solo
*the surprise success of acupuncture on my mystery pain
*corgis & border collies--smart, active, a bit destructive...but awful cute
*mammograms...and radiation--to help a dear friend battle breast cancer
*the internet--blogs & etsy, the greatest time wasters
*LISTS tee hee
*and finally--my loyal followers and sweet comments


i just couldn't resist...

MDE had told me before Christmas about this clip i am going to post, but i had forgotten about it.  i know we are all probably ready to 'pack the Christmas away' but please indulge me and watch this short clip that embodies the definition of absolute cuteness.  {i especially like the 'camel'}--enjoy!