somehow...i missed this--

this is awesome!  i guess it went viral last year, but alas--somehow i missed it.  it is definitely my kind of 'ad'...it has hiphop/rap, clever lyrics, cool moves--and the best thing--
it rings true!
please enjoy and listen carefully to...
the swagger wagon song!

raise your hand if you can relate...word!


painting fort worth

one of our rooted church partners [that's what we call our members] is a wonderful artist and is undertaking a really cool project in 2011...
take a look--

AYIFW: About the Project from AYIFW on Vimeo.

be sure to follow his blog all year.  it should be exciting.



  so.  once again the posts have been few and far between.  but don't be fooled.  i have been plenty busy and can't wait to share with you what all i have been doing.  but for now, i will leave you with this--

remember when i told you about when parents text, the 'make you chuckle' website?  well, last night i learned about this video on youtube...you may have already seen it a hundred times, but if not--
let me use it to wish everyone a happy new year!