happiness is....

MDE is a girl after my own heart...i introduced her to broadway shows/tunes when she was 5 and she was hooked {praise God!}. one of our favorite showtunes comes from you're a good man, charlie brown--"happiness..." won't you take a minute and enjoy??

so, in honor of MDE beginning her senior year of high school this week--my smiles come in the form of "what is happiness..."--a list of simple pleasures--
  soft melting butter on a hot, fluffy biscuit

the smell of new crayons...mmmmmm!

a personal card or letter received in the mailbox--and no, i am not talking about the mailbox on your computer....
ranunculuses + peonies...
their beauty amazes me

picture books

floating in my wonderful pool--feeling the hot sunshine, the cool water...listening to nothing but my thoughts and the tink-tink-tinkle of our kinetic sculpture

what are your simple pleasures...what brings you happiness?

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Ellen said...

Eating a peach over the sink with the juice running down your arm.

Hearing your favorite song on the radio.

The feel of a baby's hand as it grips your finger.

Oh, and the biscuit and butter... mmmmm!