can you blame me?

you might remember here that i love ranunculuses...
so yesterday when i was doing some grocery shopping, i noticed some bouquets calling my name.  and to my surprise, they were on sale.
i treated myself to 2 bunches...
i hope they brighten your day like they do mine!


what i did on spring break....

ok...let me be truthful.  technically i do not have a spring break.  i am not a student.  but, i have students in my house...and some that i still have to drive around to activities.  so, i do get to have somewhat of a break.

now, what i did and what i should have done are two different things.  you see, we will hopefully be moving soon and to a house that is half the size of our current house, no less. so i should have been purging!  and although the idea of that sounds great, it's the means to that end that i do not look forward to...

but i digress. what i really wanted to do was to craft! and craft i did...except i didn't finish two of my projects.  so, those will have to wait until next week.

in the meantime, here is a pictorial summary of my spring break.

MDE's grammy {my mom} honored her with her first high school graduation luncheon.  it was at the zodiac room, neiman marcus--in fort worth.  it was really fun but i must admit that this whole 'graduation thing' is coming a bit too fast for my taste!
i know that wasn't a craft, but we did enjoy it over the break...

the first craft i did was inspired by this cute dress from crewcuts--
can i remind you that i do not know how to sew?  good...because as you can see, my proportions are definitely off because i needed a tshirt long enough to be a dress or tunic.  what i did was to buy an XS tee in the girls' department at target, thinking that the 2 1/2 year old that i was making it for would have the length right but the shoulders would be a bit wide.  then, after attaching two gathered tulle skirts, i felt that if i added a third one, it would really look off.  MFT whose daughter i made the dress for was, of course, very gracious...but you can be truthful--any thoughts, tips, etc?

then, i had promised MFH that i would make her a corsage tee months ago...and so before this type of tshirt goes out of style, i thought i'd better get on it.  oh, and since she asked me, she is now expecting her second child, so i bought a pretty tshirt in the maternity section of target.  i think it turned out a bit 'fluffy', but again, she was very gracious when i gave it to her.  what do you think?

now i have one tshirt to make for my mom and one for MDE that i didn't get too...but those may have to wait a week or so because i am making the cutest little Easter gifts for a few of my baby/toddler friends at church.

oh, and i almost forgot.  another thing i did over my spring break was to attend our local 'funky finds' craft show.  it was awesome...i just love supporting indie crafters and i think when you purchase handmade things from them, the items make such special gifts.

so there you have it...not too exciting, but for me, fun nonetheless.  now it's your turn...tell me--what did you do on spring break?


THIS is the first day of spring?

ok...i tried to take a picture, but it didn't turn out--but trust me, it was snowing!  that's right...snowing!?! on the first day of spring!  go figure.  i just hope this might mean that we won't be roasting all summer...

but for those that didn't enjoy the snow, maybe this video will cheer you up--


it's my party and you can't come...

let me explain...
i was sick this last weekend...and i mean sick.  i promise, no details. {but on a side note...did anyone watch house this monday...about the blogger who fell ill?  she was soooo over-the-top}  anyway, i was all set to write a post called-it stinks being sick-

i was going to go into detail about all the wonderful things that i was forced to miss because of this illness.  but as i 'poured that first glass of whine....', i realized that i was alone at the party...this pity party.  wow.  really?  so i was sick.  big deal!  at least mine was only the 'i-really-am-miserable-48 hour kind.  what about all the men, women, and children that face real illness...the kind that they pray a cure will be found before anyone else is burdened with it.

or what about these people in haiti and chile that seem so far away...so far away from our inconvenient power outages, traffic jams, and such as they deal with a true trial of recovering and rebuilding entire cities!

and lastly...my sickness became so absolutely insignificant in light of the unconscionable suffering of Christians in the three villages around jos, nigeria and in northwest Pakistan.  i am without words...


just a thought....

Mon Mar 8, 2010 3:46pm EST
A wine selector tastes red wine from the latest vintage at Bonini winery's wine-cellar in the village of Brestovitsa, about 150km (93miles) east of the capital Sofia, December 8, 2009. REUTERS/Oleg Popov

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Light to moderate alcohol consumption, especially red wine, is not only good for a woman's heart, it's also good for her waistline, according to a study reported Monday.

The study started out with nearly 20,000 trim middle-aged and older women. Over time, women who drank alcohol in moderation put on less weight and were less apt to become overweight compared to non-drinkers. This was true even after taking into account various lifestyle and dietary factors that might influence a woman's weight.

Red wine seemed best at keeping weight in check, but white wine, beer and spirits also had some benefit.

ok...the article goes on and that's all good but when are they going to show that study that reports
ice cream keeps weight in check.....?
or gets rid of wrinkles.....?
         or improves memory....?
                  or even gets you 10 followers
    on your blog...?     
i guess it really doesn't matter....i'm going to always enjoy me some ice cream!
{that stands for 'just a thought'....i'm seeing if it catches on like BRB or LOL!}



i love love this kind of creativity & quirkiness...especially the ending! so fun.  hope you enjoy it too!