...and why have a blog?

ok...so MHD (that stands for my husband, David) and i were at a friends' house having dinner and the subject of blogs came up. MFM (my friend, Molly) writes a wonderful blog called The Story on Morning Glory and we were discussing how i had always wanted to have a blog but just never set anything up...now i know why, but that's a story for another day. Anyway, the question was raised "why have a blog?"...is it pride? are people really interested in the little details of our lives? My response to this question is probably not--but for me, it's just like a journal, only more fun. You see, you can add photos, links, and all sorts of "tech-y" things. And how wonderful is it hitting the backspace button to delete misspellings and things that just didn't come out right? it's all so neat with no left-handed smears!
MFM has a lot to write about these days...she is expecting her first child. my sister has a blog...down the street creations (which is an etsy blog)...but that is because she has an etsy shop. my niece just started blogging...the decisive bride. Can you guess what she blogs about? well, that brings me to a slight dilemma...what do i have to write about. i guess for me--well, i will just write about the minutiae of everyday life. i will tell my friends about my blog...they can read it if they want, but that's not the point. i just enjoy writing and expressing myself on "paper"...i have never been a big talker. So, for now i will continue to blog (i have lots of ideas for topics)...and if you are inclined--i would love to read your comments.

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