new bracelets

it has been quite some time since i have posted anything.  no excuses--just lazy i guess.  lazy in writing only, though.  i have managed to do a few constructive things around the house + a few crafts.  on this post, i described a bracelet i made for myself [and wear all the time now].  well, a friend of mine wanted me to make her one...take a look--
curb link with tcu colors
then the same website that gave the instructions for the above bracelet had another really cool, fairly simple diy bracelet.  so, i made one for this same friend...it was a bonus surprise, but now i'm thinking i will make one for myself!  i just hope i can 'pull it off'.  what do you all think? too avant garde for me?
here is the designer bracelet that inspired this diy...

hex nut bracelet by giles & brother $250
did you notice the price?  well, for just a few dollars and cents...you can make your own designer inspired bracelet.  directions are found here.


sometimes i question...

....just how old i really am!  strange, i know.  i guess i just suffer from being 'young at heart'!  you see, i find such pleasure and joy out of doing things and seeing things that i believe are usually aimed at a younger crowd.  take for example some of my absolute favorite things:
the muppets
picture books
working with felt
super corny jokes/riddles
video games that involve dancing
board games
and most recently...paper crafts.

see what i mean?  am i the only 40-something person who gets giddy over such things?  and this new found affection for paper crafts--i find it so relaxing...the precise cutting, the scoring and folding, the finished product.

a few of my favorite places [blogs] to find downloadable paper crafts [just in case you would like to give it a try]--

and the best one--curiosity group--which designs a character calendar for each month.
i've already thrown away january...but here are february and march.

aren't these so funny and cheery?
is there anything that makes you smile and feel 'young at heart'?
i sure hope so...