the soundtrack of "my life"...

you know how you watch a movie and the "perfect" song plays over the action--or a montage of images seems to have the best song? well, today our family had to deal with a comedy of errors and miscommunications. this leads to my thinking...if a soundtrack played over "my life", what would i want it to be like? this list is just a few soundtracks that i would love to hear as i face love, heartache, fun times, frustrating times, etc in my everyday life--
  • grace of my heart--how can you not love burt bacharach teaming up with elvis costello?
  • once--tender and heartbreaking
  • garden state--simon & garfunkel, coldplay, the shins...absolutely charming
  • the big chill--just pure fun
  • (500) days of summer--the harmonies of simon & garfunkel, the haunting voice of regina spektor, classics from the smiths...what more could you want?
  • win a date with tad hamilton...well, i know--but you need some cheeky, "cute" songs, too!
so...what music would you like accompanying your life?

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n2theblue said...

what a pleasure to meet you...and your charming blog. if that's the soundtrack of your life, i think i'd like to hang around you.