a little tardy...

...but here is my may papercraft calendar--
it's rather cute, i think--
the fun thing about this tiki is the limerick on the back--
and if you remove the head, you find out why it 'trembles & knocks'...
teehee...a woodpecker! how cute!


did you get it....?

...royal wedding fever, that is?
well, i think i just got a mild case--i did not wake up to watch it live...all i did was watch a highlight show and visit a few news blogs that gave details and pics.

but i will say that two things caught my attention...

1. prince william's groom cake--
the actual groom's cake
you see, my family too is a fan of the mcvities biscuits [cookies], so i was intrigued by the whole groom's cake...and touched by the sentimentality of the fact that it was a favorite of his during his childhood.  well, it just so happened that one of his childhood chefs now lives in plano [go figure] and our local newspaper had an article about him and the recipe for this exact cake.  since i was going to a girls night out painting pottery party later in the week, i decided to give it try.  first of all--so easy!  and second of all--so delicious, if i do say so myself.  i have attached a photo of my finished cake complete with a british flag banner.  i have also attached a pic of a cross-section...please keep in mind that i am no food stylist!!

2.  corgis--
now i admit that ever since MHD gifted me with my precious penny, i have been smitten with 'all things corgi'. but it really wasn't until MDE and i watched the king's speech the other day that my love was rekindled, if you will. 
aren't corgis so fun...?  anyway, our newspaper highlighted some of the royal wedding 'keepsakes' and one that caught my eye was this knitting kit of the royal family--
...make this kit then you can recreate the wedding anytime--
i don't remember the kiss being like this...
but the best thing about the kit...
i even have gone so far as to email my sister [who happens to knit] a request for her to make me one!!

so friends...what was your take on the royal wedding?  did you get the fever?