a summer day of surprises, sweat, and sacrifice

first of all, don't you love alliteration? if there is anything fun about writing...it has to be alliteration. it's just so easy to use! ok, enough of literary terms...
let me tell you all about an interesting day...last friday. it began with an early wake up--around 6:15. i showered...put the dogs in the "back
40"...set up my cereal breakfast...and went to get the newpaper from the yard. a little back story, first--about 3 weeks ago, the kids and i discovered that the neighborhood feral cat had delivered 4 kittens earlier this summer. well, one day the kittens chose our front porch/bushes to play and romp and we gleefully watched them. we hadn't seen them around much since that day. so....when i went to get the paper, i heard a rustle in the bushes. assuming the kittens were back, i rushed over to have a peek. and to my surprise-- no kittens! but instead i saw this:
only bigger...and scarier!!!! needless to say, i did what any sane person does--i screamed and ran for the camera. but by the time i got back, he was scampering away. oh well.
after breakfast, we loaded up the car and headed to pick up OFK (our friend Kim) who graciously sacrificed a work day (by working 4 10-hour days) to ride with us to college station to give us her perspective on texas a & m. by the time we hit the donut store and starbucks, we got on the road about 45 minutes later. why does it always take soooo long to actually get on the highway when going on a road trip? the tour was very beneficial. you really get a sense of the magnitude of a campus that has 60,000 students! only one problem during our tour...it was so hot, so humid. we probably sweated enough to fill kyle field. we would walk and "tour" whatever building was in our path, just to get the a/c. despite the heat, we had an awesome time.
so for now, we are done with our spring and summer of college tours...i say "for now" because there is one more on the east coast we just never had time to fit in. so MDE will go ahead and apply and if she gets in & feels like it is a true possibility, we will make the time.

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