this week's smiles come from...

i hope that you all have been blessed with smiles this week. for me, these are just a very few of the things that gave me an opportunity to smile--
we sang this hymn in church today..."o let all that is in me adore Him!"
a visit to a ben & jerry's in college station--do you see a pattern week to week about what makes me smile?
my whole family and several friends got to play scrabble at our nursing home...although there were many laughs, unfortunately, my team came in last! oh rats:a-d-z-e-s, y-o-u, and an used q!
family road trip!!!
an adorable, cheeky music video


Ellen said...

making a comment on your cute blog has made me smile today!

susan said...

hooray...it worked! Glad you liked the blog today!