we wish MDE the happiest, the happiest, the happiest...

...birthday of ALL! [just a little family joke--]
but seriously, our precious bee is 19 today! it has been such a joy to watch her grow into a faithful young woman--
i love you, bee!
as the Christmas star in her kindergarten play

a merry christmas to all...just a few days late--

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas...
our little church had a christmas eve eve [yes, you read that right] and our lead pastor gave a thoughtful message that i would love to share with you all--

i hope it was able to be posted--if not, you can go to our church website and find it there, too.


seven words...

yep..seven words.  seven words sum up why the blog is not updated and that there are no new posts since...i don't know when.

christmas is getting the best of me.

BUT on a lighter note--
need a laugh or two or three?
need to waste some time?
check this out--guaranteed fun-ness