they say that laughter is...the best medicine {unknown}, is by definition healthy {doris lessing}, and is inner jogging {norman cousins}. there is even a new workout system called laugh away. check it out on www.laughawayseries.net for a good chuckle. some people yawn when they see someone else yawn. for me, i can't help but laugh when i see others laughing. i believe laughter is a wonderful manifestation of joy! i love laughing. so many things can make me laugh--but the following are things that never fail to generate a true guffaw:
the muppets...the show, the movies, and i definitely relate to fozzie bear and his wince-inducing jokes
arrested development...yes, i know it's cancelled, as many of my favorite, misunderstood tv series often are {pushing daisies, for example} but you can watch it on dvd AND there is talk that they are making a movie.
is there anyone funnier on tv and in movies than kristen wiig?
if you haven't watched this video on you tube yet...rush right to it NOW! kittens inspired by kittens...so simple and yet so guffaw-worthy no matter how many times you watch it. this young girl takes a kitten book and "narrates" what each kitten is thinking/doing. absolutely precious and wholeheartedly funny. MDE {my daughter emilie} and i can recite it--and believe me, we do it often for no reason other than it makes us laugh. few things are as valuable as sharing a laugh with someone you love....
two very funny men on TV are conan o'brien and neil patrick harris...i understand that for some people, conan is an aquired taste. but for me, i love his self-deprecating, pop culture referring, goofy humor. plus i love his hair.
now...nph makes me laugh with characters like barney stinson and dr. horrible. he brought such a fun air to the tony awards and he is planning on hosting the emmys {not that i know very many shows this year with my attempt at reduced tv watching...that's altogether another story for another day}. besides being so boyishly cute--the guy sings!!!!
most days i try to read a couple {if not all on particularly lazy days} of my favorite blogs. some are designs sites, some craft sites, a few entertainment sites, and of course, my friends and family sites. but there is one site i never miss. why you ask? well, even if you didn't ask let me tell you...it is called cakewrecks and oh my goodness! there have been some entries that make me laugh so hard that tears stream down my face. i want everyone who has a snarky sense of humor to visit this site. i am just amazed that these things are real...that people who work in our bakeries can make mistakes like these...and often it is the comments she blogs that are the real icing on the cake {forgive me for that...remember, i can relate to fozzie}.
so...now that i have shared what makes me laugh--won't you share with me? there's always room in my repertoire for anything that brings laughter.
i will leave you with one last quote that i hope inspires you to laugh today....

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