hello? hello? is anyone still out there?

contrary to popular belief, i did not fall off the face of the earth--
i've just been a bit distracted this summer.
what a summer it has been...i cannot wait to write about it all (i hope you all are still interested in the going-ons of the parrish family)!

i really hate to use an excuse...but i feel i must.  you see, we moved this summer.  some of you know the story--
spend 3 years designing/building our dream home...live in it 7 years...realize there is way more to living...simplify...find a great modern house in a neighborhood near our church...simplify...buy modern house...find renters for the dream home (the high end real estate market stinks right now)...simplify...and move!

from this:
our dream house

to this...

plus because we did need a little more room for the grand piano and an office for MHD, we are building an addition--

hopefully, you'll visit this blog often and see the posts as each room gets done.  i am really not planning on moving again...i am just getting too old...so i want to organize and furnish this house smartly, i.e. not too fast, but with a lot of thought.

so, you may be wondering what else happened this spring/summer--?
here's a preview*

prom/graduation for MDE
a wedding for MNL in atlanta
our annual trip to san diego
moving MDE to college
MTSC learning to drive
and of course, the move
*may not be posted in chronological order

i do hope that you will continue to visit my little blog...and just a reminder, i love love love comments! teehee


Elle said...

I'm still here, and thinking about you and your hectic summer! Hope all is well.

deb said...

welcome to the simple(r) life! i love the look of these rooms! and am really looking forward to watching you bring them to life.