i knew it...and i'm not the only one

what, exactly do i know?

well...that legos are awesome! i really don't remember playing with them much as a child...but when my kids were little, i really got into them. Sometimes i think i was more excited than my kids when they would receive a new set. i can't explain it...the thrill of building something with legos. i even treated myself with the falling water house by frank lloyd wright set this year. when my house gets settled, i plan to relish every minute of building it {of course, i will blog about it} and proudly displaying it. i know--i'm pretty much a geek!

but what brought this blog idea to mind? i saw an article last week that reinforced and frankly, justified my love of all things lego--
it seems a survey about the most popular toy ever made was done by toyology.com and the clear winner was--you guessed it lego!
read all about it here.

let me share just small offering of  lego coolness--
a dj booth...

if you want to, go here to learn how to make it.

or a tattooed lego guy... or two {presented by pilot pens}

or if you're in the mood for built-to-scale fast food...

or maybe you care to live in legos--bbc television host james may and  1,000 helpers built a 20ft-tall lego house on a wine estate in surrey complete with working plumbing and even a cat. it took over three million bricks...

and then there is this--
something called the brick testament...it is, in their words, "the world's largest, most comprehensive illustrated bible" with over 420 stories depicted--i just really don't know what to think about this...
here is an example of an illustration from noah's story--

but for me...the coolest lego 'creation' is not so much something built out of legos, but something repaired with legos...
the amazing work of jan vormann, a german artist who has traveled all over the world repairing gaps, cracks, etc. in buildings with, you guessed it again--legos! 

some examples in new york city
...look at the bottom right--
across from penn station/madison square garden

bryant park at 42nd street

one really cool example from barcelona

a massive example in tel aviv

and lastly, if you get a chance...visit a legoland theme park--trust me, you will be impressed.

are you a fan of lego?  or do you not see the beauty and creativity that legos afford? 
do you have a different favorite toy that you enjoy even today?

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