we can't stop laughing...part 2

i apologize for two goofy posts in a row...but, you know, sometimes you just need to laugh.
MDE and i came across this little show the other day by accident.  we were watching the son of a friend of ours and it was late afternoon--he was getting cranky, rubbing his eyes, seemed hungry but we were just trying to get him to make it another 30 minutes before we fed him.  now i know by playing the 'let's watch tv' card, we were taking the easy road...but we were out of tricks.  so we tuned in to nick, jr. and found THIS...the most awesome, funny show ever!  Here is our favorite clip...i believe we see the guest host around the 30-second mark but keep watching--his style only gets better.

what did you think?  am i right?  so so funny...in fact, i think he dances a lot like MHD!!! {sorry dear}

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