my dream--

ok...i've seen it!
what, you may ask, have i seen?
my dream pantry!!
when we built the house that we currently live in, i had always assumed that this large walk-in pantry would be so fun to organize...you know, alphabetical spices, products arranged on shelves by genre (e.g. baking ingredients, lunch box goodies, canned goods, etc.)
now i will admit that my spices are in alphabetical order and things are relatively organized by genre, but i think what frustrates me most is the fact that they are not in uniform containers. i know, i know, it really isn't that difficult to buy containers that all match, but that's not the point.  i am a visual learner...and i hadn't really seen what i was looking for yet.  until now!
take a look at my dream--
real simple february 2010

just look at the uniformity...the labels (have i mentioned how much i love my label maker?)....the knowledge of knowing what you have!  i am certain that nothing in her pantry is from 2007...which reminds me that i will most definitely need to have some sort of 'expiration dating' system.
but for now...goodbye, disorganized and chaotic pantry--
hello, container store and a dream come true!

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Elle said...

We'll want to see pictures of the finished reorganization! Then you can come do mine. Um, expiration dates? What are those?