if i may....

pardon me while i boast about my kids...
not only are they faithful believers who are ardently pursuing sanctification, but they are kind, funny, loving, and if i may, very talented.
MTSC is one of three freshmen that made the varsity soccer team at his school...and if that weren't enough, he hustles and makes smart plays, and as a result, usually plays the entire game.
look at the size of these guys!

and as i have said here, MDE won her talent show at school...i hope you enjoy these clips of her performances--
MDE, lead singer--song: 1-2-3-4 (by Feist)
i apologize for the funky audio...

and the winning performance--MDE singing and playing the piano with two of her friends
song: the chain (by ingrid michaelson)

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Elle said...

I'm so proud to be their aunt! Great action pics, and lovely videos! What a talented duo!