dave & sue's...& ems & charlie's excellent adventure

...and what an adventure it has been!  pull up a chair...this may take a while!!

where, oh where, to begin?  let's see--last wednesday night {feb 10} would be a logical place to start.  as i have stated before, MTSC has had the awesome experience of playing varsity soccer for his high school.  because this school is a small private school, they often have to travel.  well, this past weekend was the final tournament for winter sports.  just so happened that this year the tournament was in houston....and in fort worth on wednesday night, the weather was very cold...and the forecast for thursday was snow.  the coach decided that the soccer team needed one last practice and because it was too cold to practice outside on wednesday, he called for a practice to begin at 7am on thursday.  the team buses would be leaving on thursday at 2:45pm, so that meant that MTSC had to be packed and ready to go to houston early, early thursday morning.  

thursday morning we awoke early to find the ground covered with a beautiful light layer of snow...with more snow coming down.  MTSC and i loaded up the car and left for school at 6:40am...i dropped him off at the gym dressed in his practice uniform with his soccer bag, overnight bag, and backpack at 7am {whew}!  the beautiful snow was still coming down....i headed to my pilates class that starts 8am.  traffic was starting to slow due to the snow and so i was a few minutes late to class.  i was then surprised to hear MTSC's personalized ring tone begin to emanate from my phone!  seems in all our 'packing' and 'planning' for the weekend...we forgot to pack the school uniform for classes on thursday...oops!  so i left pilates...still snowing...and headed home to get the uniform and take it to him to change into for classes.  i had about 45 minutes before classes started--no prob, i thought.  well, remember...it's still snowing and by the time i get home and gather the navy pants and white button-down--i am stranded.  it's just not going to happen.  so i call the school, explain the situation, and hunker down at home.

that is...until noon when they called school off.  MTSC is set...they are sending the team buses early--they load up and head for houston.  MDE, on the other hand, somehow had to get home.  and this isn't just any snow day...this is a snow event.  so MHD was actually able to meet her at school, switch cars {his has front wheel drive}, and get her car fairly close to home...there was no way her car would have handled the two major hills by our house.
thursday after dinner, we get a call from some friends who have recently had a baby.  seems their electricity had gone out....it's still snowing--and they were wondering if they could spend the night.  not a problem at our house where anyone is welcome any time.  well, not a problem until 3am when our power went out.  we all woke up friday morning to a gray sky...it had stopped snowing, but the total snowfall on record was 12.5''--can you believe it?  our friends packed up to go, school was cancelled, and MTSC was safe in houston...

...to be continued

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Elle said...

Can't wait to hear the rest! We had snow too, but there was no excitement.