su lin

well, seeing how the only pictures of pandas that i have been posting lately have been of the baby and mama bai yun at the san diego zoo, i thought that i would share a few of another panda that lives in san diego that i saw online the other day--

i'm not sure what this 'treat' exactly is, but she seems to really like it!
Su Lin: A Little Bit of Something Very Cute

Su Lin is the third panda to be born at the San Diego Zoo. Her parents are Bai Yun and Gao Gao. Following Chinese tradition, she was given her name at 100 days of age.

it is now almost time for the zoo to choose a name for bai yun's newest cub and for those who are interested you can participate in the choice--vote here!

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d.tennison said...

"his royal cuteness" finally gets a name! and i can't decide which name to vote for!