my latest projects

a couple of weeks ago MFM sent me a link to a website that showed you how to make one of those adorable "corsage" t shirts.  sooo, last night i made my first attempt at making one.  i decided to make a small child t shirt first--you know, less fabric to cover, less time to complete, etc...just in case.
here is an example of one made by j.crew~

and here is my little girl version~a little 'fluffier'

my other project this week has been to help MDE and her friends make their costumes for the gump day parade at school.  MDE and 4 of her friends are going to be high school musical 3--graduation day.  we were able to find some cheap red graduation robes/caps/2008 tassels.  the sashes, though, were somewhat pricey.  in my naive 'wisdom', i said they can't be that hard  to make and the fabric was cheap.  well.....i am by no means a seamstress, so although it took a really long time and several goof ups--we got them made.  the girls also decorated the graduation caps with the college that their character will be attending.  i think they look really cute.  i will post pictures after the parade--they want the big reveal to be a surprise until then!!!

and lastly, MTSC and 2 of his friends have finally decided what they want to dress up in for the parade. sooo, MTSC and i will be 'making' the biggest piece tomorrow {thursday night}...nothing like waiting until the last minute--the parade is early friday morning.  i'll post pictures of that too after the parade.

and let me be completely honest--i would much rather be working on projects than doing anything else around the house...

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