finally, halloween, part 2

ok--so i know i promised here to show the pictures of my kids' cute costumes from this year's gump day parade {aka halloween}, but i am just now getting around to finding the pictures on MDE's camera.  this year MDE and her friends were ryan, troy, sharpay, and gabriella from high school musical 3--the graduation!  i thought they did an awesome job decorating those white sashes i somehow managed to sew and the graduation caps with authentic 2008 tassels--so fun!

now MTSC and his friends worked very hard on their costume, too.

if you can't tell...they are sears driving school {instructor & student driver} and a stop sign.  they had a whole 'routine' worked out where MTSC was the driver and would swerve and finally hit and knock down the stop sign--very silly.
i must also share a couple of other halloween pictures that i hope you enjoy...the first is the daughter of MFK--

is she not the cutest?
these other pics are some of my favorites from halloweens past--try to guess what my kids {and sometimes their friends} were...some are obvious, some are not.  the answers will be at the end!

before i 'reveal' the costume names...alas, i must tell you that for some reason i cannot find my 2002 october pictures in my highly {cough} organized photos.  this saddens me because my favorite costume worn by MTSC was that year--an armadillo.  now this isn't something you can buy anywhere but my wonderful mother was talented enough to fulfill his request.  it was awesome.
did you figure out the following?...
some may be out of order because of my lack of computer knowledge!
dwight's army of champions complete with dunder mifflin paper
santa's favorite reindeer
gary the snail from spongebob
 university of kansas jayhawk
tree hugger
firewall/virus/computer {they won a prize}
puppies in a box/little girl {they, too won a prize}
and last, but certainly not explainable without a long story...queso bob {note the sombrero made of cheese}

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