mud run

so today was the mud run...
just what is the mud run, you ask?
well..let me let the website explain it--
Mud Run is a combination of regular citizens, Civil Servants, companies, teams, colleges and some military personnel competing together through a series of boot camp styled obstacles that have been surrounded by (or consist entirely of) mud. The race is 10K and it is unique to the state of Texas.
MHD and 4 of our friends competed as a Co-Ed team--

this is taken before the race
{note the obstacle on the right...yikes}

this is the team going over that obstacle...after about an hour of running and 
completing obstacles

...and crossing the finish line!

this picture does not even begin to show the nasty muddiness that they were.  and they did awesome--placed 5th in the first half of co-ed teams!!