movies, part 1...

lately, our city has been deluged with rain.  although i personally love rainy days...they just are no good for me.  you see...i tend to be a little bit on the procrastinatory side {trust me...it's a word, i looked it up}. like lay's potato chips & onion dip, chocolate & peanut butter, cashews & caramel, rainy days and movies, are a match made in heaven--although, books and a good storm can run a very, very close second. who wouldn't want to watch a good movie, with the rain pouring down, as if you don't have a care {or any grocery shopping to do} in the world? so all this rain has inspired me to start a list of my favorite movies {by genre, of course}.  some of these movies i have seen recently and some i probably need to revisit, but from what i remember...i was moved in some way by them.  the first category is inspirational:

october sky {1999}
based on the true story of homer hickham--
a boy from a small coal town in west virginia, who is interested in rocket science during the time of sputnik

besides the fact that one strong character is a motivating teacher {i love when teachers are the "good guys"}, did i mention that it stars a young jake gyllenhaal?
tear inducing quote: 

Homer: [to John] Dad, I may not be the best, but I come to believe that I got it in me to be somebody in this world. And it's not because I'm so different from you either, it's because I'm the same. I mean, I can be just as hard-headed, and just as tough. I only hope I can be as good a man as you. Sure, Wernher von Braun is a great scientist? but he isn't my hero.

the right stuff {1983}
tagline:  America was looking for a hero who had what it takes to become a legend. America found seven of them.

 i am always amazed at flight...i don't think i will ever understand it, but it fascinates me to no end.  anyway, this movie, based on true stories, covers breaking the sound barrier to NASA and the Apollo programs. 

favorite lines that have nothing to do with moving the plot forward but have sentimental value to me and MHD:
[repeated lines]
Chuck Yeager: Hey, Ridley, ya got any Beeman's?
Jack Ridley: Yeah, I think I got me a stick.
Chuck Yeager: Loan me some, will ya? I'll pay ya back later.
Jack Ridley: Fair enough

amazing grace {2006}
this film recounts the true story of william wilberforce, a member of parliament, and his struggle to end the slave trade.

the title of the film refers to the song penned by wilberforce's mentor, john newton, a converted slave-ship captain.  the song was given a new rendition for the movie by chris tomlin...it is awesome!

most inspiring {and true} quote:
John Newton: Although my memory's fading, I remember two things very clearly. I'm a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.

the shawshank redemption {1994}
you may be surprised to find this movie on my list:  it is rated r for language and prison violence.  and i will admit that there are many scenes that are hard to watch.  so why include it on my list of inspirational movies?  well, i guess it has to do with one word--hope. hope in a place of evil. and the fact that i love an unpredictable movie.  so, if you decide to take this movie on--just be forewarned.  i think you will still find it inspiring.

based on a book by stephen king...narrated by morgan freeman.
i found this review/commentary from christianity today very insightful.

and lastly...a movie that has two things going for it--it's inspiring and a musical!!!
the sound of music {1965}
another movie based on a true story, although i am sure with much poetic license...

i am almost certain that everyone knows the story, the songs...and if you don't--rush out and rent the dvd...now!  bit of trivia to impress your friends the next time you watch it--the real maria von trapp is the elder of the two women in austrian peasant garb who are in the background as maria walks through a brick archway during "i have confidence".

nail-biting quote:
Captain von Trapp: [after pulling the gun from Rolfe] You'll never be one of them.
Rolfe: Lieutenant! Lieutenant, they're here! They're here, Lieutenant!
[blows whistle]

so--what are the movies that send that special chill down your spine...that might bring a joyful tear to your eye...that inspire you?


Ellen said...

3 come to mind right away:
In America (have the tissues handy), Hotel Rwanda (very difficult to watch, but an amazing story), Tsotsi (also a story of hope in a hopeless situation).

deb said...

chariots of fire; gandhi; schindler's list (but so painful to watch, once is enough); the visitor; children of heaven (iranian 1999)