i put on a happy face this week because...

   i was able to schedule a couple of coffee dates to catch up with dear friends

   MFM delivered a beautiful baby boy...chester jack, but you can call him jack.  read all about her journey here on her wonderful blog.

   i was blessed to watch MFT's daughter, ollie, in her preschool dance class...too cute for words--she is almost 2 and full of life

   MFJ delivered a healthy baby girl...layla  

   except for sunday, the last couple of days have actually been cool...temperature wise

   MFT and her husband sold their house in aledo...now they can join the rest of us in the fort

   we were able to spend saturday afternoon with my mom and my brother celebrating their birthdays...there really isn't anything like chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream--mmmmm

by the way, the song mentioned in the title of this post--put on a happy face--is a favorite song of mine that was one of my "go-to" songs when i sang to my kids when they were younger {which despite my lack of talent, i did all the time}...

and so now, i will leave you with a song and dance number from 1963 {the year i was born} from a young 17 year old that i hope leaves you with a happy face, too...




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