college update

MDE has been quite busy these days. after one and a half years of college visits...i think she has narrowed it down--to 8!!  it's funny to see what matters to her in her search...and it will be so exciting to see where God will lead her.  here is the list of schools she is applying to in no particular order {and maybe a comment or two from me}...
the university of kansas--
the tradition, the basketball, lawrence...oh, and did we mention, no essay required for application!

the university of missouri--
really not too sure about this one...her counselor recommended it.  they do have a viticulture program, if she decides to go that way...but, boy, it will be hard for her daddy to write the check!

northwestern university--
all around awesome school...the academics, the arts, proximity to chicago--and of course, mike greenberg went there

the university of san diego--
oh my!  what to say...it's in san diego, absolutely gorgeous, laid back atmosphere, fairly small enrollment, did i mention that it's in san diego?  when we first visited...i could definitely see my sweet bee walking around and feeling like she fit in...

rice university--
again, awesome school and i could really see bee bee-boppin' around this beautiful campus & embracing her true-geekness.  i just wish it wasn't in houston!

texas a & m--
you really can't beat the tradition and the spirit...plus they are in the big 12.  it's just sooooo big.  i do know in my heart that she would probably have a wonderful college experience and education if she went here...plus it's only 3 hours away.

the university of california, davis--
MHD took bee on this visit...they had a great time.  it is extremely hard for an out of state student to be accepted {only 2%}, but they have the top program in viticulture.  she did find out that you do not have to attend their undergrad program, but it is very beneficial to take part in their graduate program. she did comment that it is very far away.

the college of william & mary--
this is a school that has just recently piqued her interest...so many people said she would love it {including one of her best friends that just took a tour}.  so she is applying sight unseen, but i think we will try to get to williamsburg in november...it should be beautiful that time of year!
so there you have it.  she is working on starting some essays this weekend--though that is a long process of edits and rewrites.  and after those are done, she submits and we wait...we wait what i assume will feel like years to hear back.  but trust me...i am in no hurry to ship her off just yet...


Laura said...

If she's really interested in applying to William and Mary, I can give you my friend Christine's email address and they can talk - Christine just graduated from William & Mary and would know a lot about it :-)

susan said...

laura...that would be great. she has an acquaintance that is a sophomore, but to visit with someone who has graduated would be great!