a recent craft...

oh...to be honest, i have sooo many crafts that i have done in the last couple of months that i would love to share with you. but alas, i've been so neglectful of my blog.  so today, i have to start somewhere and why not start with my latest craft.

i have a dear friend who needed to give away her precious chihuahua [you know how it is...a 3 year old and an infant take up alot of time].  here is a pic of sweet cabo--
the great news is that they found a wonderful home for her...the bad news is [it's a long story] she is now back--short term.  when i decided to do this project, it was to be a 'reminder' of cabo.  so even though she is back temporarily, i went ahead and completed the gift...
large kitchen towel, hand embroidered with a 'cabo-like' chihuahua
so...what do you think?  i am loving doing embroidery...have you seen the website/blog called sublime stitching?  her tagline is: this ain't your gramma's embroidery.  i have purchased several of her patterns--so cool.  you should give it a try!

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Julie said...

Hi! I have a 3 yr. old chihuahua and it breaks my heart that they had to get rid of her/him. Mine barks a lot and is not conducive to children sleeping, as I am finding out with my grandkids! I love embroidery too, and must get back to more of it! I have seen Sublime Stitching...isn't it just great...an answer to modern embroidery!!! Your piece here is just too cute! I know they will love it!!!