here comes the brides...

we have had the privilege of seeing two of our nieces get married in the last 7 months.  what beautiful brides, handsome grooms, and fun weddings they each had...

i'm not sure they read my little blog [highly doubt it], but i hope they don't mind me sharing a few details and images from these amazing events--

last june, ONL [my sister's daughter] took the plunge in atlanta. it was a beautiful outdoor event--complete with a seated dinner, fun dancing [well, it was where i learned The Cupid Shuffle!...now i am a 'hit' at all the hip parties...teehee], and yummy bite size desserts.  the veil was actually worn by my mother [i think. correction: it was new for my sister], my sister, and myself.
[i apologize for not giving credit to the professional photographer...but i can't remember his name. ...update: photographer was Nam Nguyen ]

last month, ONA [MHD's sister's daughter] was married in driftwood texas, just outside of austin.  it was quite the university of texas event since she was once a captain of the pom squad and the groom was on the football team!  the beautiful ceremony was to be outside but as they were faced with downpours, plan b went into action--which was equally as wonderful.  they, too, had dinner, dancing [we all were cuttin' a rug], and fun was had by all of MHD's extensive extended family.
[professional photos by taylor lord]
now as an added bonus--an action shot of my son and his cousins gettin' jiggy wit it--
...and such cute pics of 'the boys'
...and i can't leave out MDE
and lastly, a funny one--
MDE and her aunt were the cake servers.  however, trying to cut and plate cake for 350 people can take a while.  with the line to get cake growing, the mother of the bride [my sister in law] seemed stressed by the fact that it was slow going.  so i jumped in to help.  problem was--i had been dancing...and i mean, dancing! so i was super sweaty.  it didn't help that we were frantically trying to plate cake.  well, someone wanted to take our pic serving the cake...
so here is the 'before' pic

dabbing at the sweat...
still glistening


Elle said...

Veil was new with me. ;) Beautiful brides (though I'm kinda partial to the first one). :D

Laura said...

I read your blog!! I was so excited to see that I was content-worthY!

As a side note, our photography was Nam Nguyen (www.namngyuen.com).