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as it happened last night--saturday--MHD was on call & MTSC was at a friend's house.  so i had the whole house to myself.  we haven't been watching much tv lately--just a couple of shows we dvr [side note...i'm using this word as a verb--teehee].  so i was surprised to see on our guide that this weekend is the free starz channels.  i promptly checked it out and i found a movie that i could watch and possibly enjoy...the karate kid.  the new one.  with jaden smith and jackie chan.  it's actually about kung fu so i am sooo confused about why they called it the karate kid--anyone have insight into this matter?

ok, back on topic.  since this movie is not terribly confusing, a la inception, and the dialogue is not hard to follow, a la the social network...i decided to craft while watching. it's not often that i can find something to craft that is not only cute, but quick...able to be completed in 2 hours or less.

the idea came from here.  these woven chain bracelets from a designer named aurelie bidermann can cost over $500!! examples--
well...for my designer inspired woven bracelet...i paid around $3 for the bracelet and i have so much embroidery floss from other projects that i consider it to be no cost.  so, what do you think? would you wear one of these?  did i make good use of my time?  comments are always welcome!
it's kind of hard to tell but my bracelet is actually silver...and i used a combo of taupes and teals

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