n-y-c....part 2

we pick up our story on saturday morning...
MDE and i decided since today was 'shopping and shows' day that we would eat a pretty heavy breakfast, snack for lunch and eat an early dinner.

so for breakfast we decided to try a place that faces central park called 
we had a reservation and were lucky enough to get to sit outside: people-watching and seeing the horse carriages get in line for the day...

MDE had delicious buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and i had a vegetable and gruyere frittata.  needless to say, we got our fill.  the most interesting thing on the menu to me was several versions of hot porridge--interesting only to me i am sure because the only time i have heard of porridge is in the tale of goldilocks and the three bears!  i wish i would have tried it...

after our breakfast, we headed to 5th avenue for some shopping.  MDE has always worn a uniform to school, so we decided to find some nice, hopefully cheap casual clothes that she can take to college.  now, you're probably thinking, 'silly girls, cheap clothes in nyc and on 5th avenue no less?'
well, for those of you familiar with h & m must know it can be done.  we spent a couple of hours scouring the two floors of trendy womens clothes and found some very very cute things for MDE.  and we didn't even break the bank!  one thing i will say about h & m--it is trendy and sometimes to a fault...you see there were several areas in the store that made me feel that i had caught a ride with marty mcfly and we were in 1986!!!  really?  mesh gloves, lace leggings, and acid wash, really?

*note the flashdance tshirt!

after h & m we were going to go to anthropologie to look and see if they might have a dress for me to wear to my niece's wedding the next weekend {more on that in another post}.  i had a dress to wear, but i wasn't thrilled with it.  well, before we could head that way, we got a call from MHD and he wondered if we had bought him anything.  guilt.  we hadn't.  in fact, as we passed the niketown earlier and about 7 blocks in the other direction, we noted it--but of course, had no need to go in--until now.

so we headed back down 5th to niketown.  being that it is world cup time and nike is the official sponsor, they had all the team jerseys.  i had already gotten MHD a USA home jersey for our anniversary {5/23}, but he has always liked the netherlands.

so we purchased this for MHD and since we were there in niketown, how could i leave out MTSC?  he was the recipient of a usa away jersey...if it means anything, they love them.

now back to the matter at hand. we made it back to anthropologie, but nothing wowed us.  it was beginning to get hot and we were not planning to go back to the hotel before our first show at 2pm....well, i sweat a lot--i know, not a pretty picture, but it's the truth.  i was feeling rather sticky and decided that i needed to get a new shirt, nothing fancy, to change into.  luckily, jcrew has some really cute embellished tshirts so i purchased a perfect navy one to go with my skirt.  i felt much better.  in fact, it is now one of my favorite 'go to' shirts--and to think i wasn't on a mission to find it.  isn't that how it goes?

since we were running out of time and we hadn't planned on eating a sit-down lunch, we hit the jamba juice and headed for our show.

our matinee show was come fly away--a new twyla tharp piece set to frank sinatra music.  we loved 'movin' out', tharp's last show set to billy joel music so we thought we'd give this a try.  it didn't disappoint.  the dancing was terrific and you just can't beat ol' blue eyes.

our 'illegal' pic of the stage

the requisite pic of MDE in front of the show sign

after the show, we went back to our hotel...sadly, no more glee encounters, but lots of teens stalking them outside.  needless to say, we were pooped.  we just couldn't muster up going to dinner so we ordered room service.  the restaurant in our hotel was created by world-renowned chef, gordon ramsay {their words, not mine}.  even the in-room dining 'bragged' that 
we were excited...this should be good, right?  well, MDE ordered a caesar salad with chicken...she said it 'was fine'.  me, well, i ordered the blt.  it was good, but they were so so skimpy on the bacon.  the whole sandwich had only 3 thin slices of bacon!!

we rested then headed off to our 8pm show--the one that i really was looking forward to...promises, promises.  this is a revival starring kristin chenowith and sean hayes and burt bacharach music including the famous 'say a little prayer for you'. in fact, one of the most hilarious characters is played by katie finneran who just won the tony award on sunday night for this role.  the show was so fantastic--great songs, cool dancing, a very midcentury modern set, and very funny.  sean hayes was crackin' us up!  

note MDE's cute outfit from h & m

after the show, to the hotel we trekked.  it was time to pack and get ready to leave early in the morning.  overall, i think this trip ranks up there as one of our best.  the only thing we really didn't make too much fuss about was our meals, so that could have been better--but there is always next time!


Elle said...

Did you know that there's an H&M in Atlanta? You're quite the NYC pro now! Laura and I will have to join you and Ems on one of your trips!

deb said...

so fun! thanks for taking us along . . . so to speak.