i'm back....part 1

ok, ok...so after my last post you probably expected to see posts about what i have been up to--you know, why i haven't been sharing lately. well, FAIL!
i thought things had settled down but really they hadn't...at least not until now. so, i should be posting more often and i really have so many things to share from last month--if you are a regular reader...bear with me. i will catch everyone up...things just may not appear in chronological order...or order of importance...or really in any order--i just hope you will still be interested.
for starters...i will share with you about last weekend...one of MDE's graduation presents was a trip to nyc. { a little backstory...ever since MDE was 5 years old when she saw her first live musical at dallas' fair park [a tour of joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat], she has loved musical theater, much to my delight. her first trip to nyc to see some broadway shows was for her 12th birthday, followed by 4 other trips throughout the last 6 years }. this trip was going to be a whirlwind--friday to sunday morning! i really think i am getting too old for this--i am so tired...but as 'old pros' at experiencing midtown manhattan, we have our routines down.

well, we started the trip with me missing my exit to the airport {we were talking and not really paying attention...oops}. but not to worry--our flight was delayed about 30min. other than that, the flight was uneventful--
but eventful, was what happened next! {side note: i found the coolest hotel for a great price...somewhere we hadn't stayed before...here are some pics--it was huge compared to ny standards...a 'parlor'/office + bedroom/bath + changing area}

the view out of our window...

anyway...back to the excitement. as the doorman helped MDE and i out of our car, he made casual 'chit chat'...asking us if we liked glee, the tv show. well, it just so happens that it is our family's fav and one of the reasons we were in ny...to see the glee cast live in concert. he proceeds to tell us that the cast is staying at our exact hotel. wow. but it gets better...much better! as i am questioning him...making sure he wasn't 'pulling our legs'--MDE says to me...'it's true and they are right there!'. what fun! there they are sitting in the very small lobby as we are checking in. throwing caution to the wind, we stroll over to them just as they are about to leave and do what any fan would do...asked if we could have MDE be in a pic with them. they couldn't have been nicer. in fact, the actor who plays kurt {chris colfer} had a box of cupcakes and offered one to MDE. this gesture, even after i messed up the first pic because the camera was set to video and then the second pic really didn't turn out because we had no flash set--was so gracious.
after we got to our room and texted friends, we realized we were hungry. we quickly scarfed the cupcake {what? it wasn't going to save very well, you know!}, we headed for the burger joint, a fairly cheap, cash only, hole in the wall burger place where you have to jockey for a cramped table...but ironically located behind a curtain, down a dark hallway in one of nyc's most luxurious hotels. it was fabulous!

mmmm...+ thin crispy fries

after dinner, we had time to do a little shopping on our way to the concert at radio city music hall. i had been doing some 'research' before the trip to scope out places to eat and found out that ben & jerry's was planning on giving away free scoops of some new flavors to celebrate 25 years of selling their ice cream in nyc... all you had to do was to find the truck.

so as we were walking down 6th towards 50th street, out of the corner of my eye--i see it! we laugh at our good fortune and head for the truck. luckily, the line wasn't very long. we thoroughly enjoyed our free scoop of milk & cookies ice cream. so yummy!

now onto the show...
another pleasant surprise...the opening act was the league of extraordinary dancers {the lxd}. they are quite astonishing!

the kids of glee were great, too. so many fun songs. here are some pics of a couple of our favorites...
glee goes gaga with 'bad romance'
it's my life/confessions mash-up

we found out later that jane lynch {sue sylvester} and matthew morrison {mr. schuester} hadn't been at any of the other shows but were surprise guests at our show. here is the song that matthew morrison sang...

saturday and sunday's adventures in part 2...

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awesome adventure, girls!
let's hear part 2!