a toast for the new year....

although it's no longer new year's eve {i have never been one who does things on time}, won't you join me in raising your coffee mug, tea cup, whatever glass you are drinking out of at the moment and let me make a toast--
here's to:
*babies...toddlers...and teenagers!
*hair color--that keeps my gray covered so i can look as young as i feel
*audiobooks & podcasts--for those times when the radio just won't do
*college visits--what a great way to see america
*pilates--i may not look like madonna, but i sure feel good
*the simple things in life--french press coffee, snow on Christmas Eve, family game night
*netflix, blockbuster, pay per view--nothing like watching movies in your jammies
*worship songs & hymns
*completed college applications--now she waits
*extra effort--the thing that helped my freshman make the varsity soccer team
*dance competitions--and the well-deserved solo
*the surprise success of acupuncture on my mystery pain
*corgis & border collies--smart, active, a bit destructive...but awful cute
*mammograms...and radiation--to help a dear friend battle breast cancer
*the internet--blogs & etsy, the greatest time wasters
*LISTS tee hee
*and finally--my loyal followers and sweet comments


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update pretty please! :)