the weekend before Christmas...

the weekend before Christmas, i am certain, is one i do not want to be near any shopping.  i am not a shopper {well, unless you count internet shopping especially at etsy.  i mean what's not to love...shopping with a cup of coffee, sitting on a comfy couch in your jammies, no parking issues, no crowds...need i go on?}.  

so what to do on this weekend?  how about watch movies?  and not just any movies...Christmas movies.  i would like to share with you my favorite Christmas movies.  these are not obscure titles...i am sure they are on everyone's list.  but by mentioning these 5, you may just get a better feel about who i am. 

wait...before i begin, i would like to remind everyone of the best Christmas show (not movie) of all time.

 and in no particular order...my favorites:
national lampoon's Christmas vacation

holiday inn
the one with bing crosby and fred astaire...this is the original movie in which the song 'white Christmas' is sung.  i just love how they do a show for all the holidays at this inn.  what a great idea!

the holiday
with cameron diaz, kate winslet, jack black
i know...it's super cheesy but i can't resist.

love actually
and actually...i only like the version they show on tv--it's edited and so i don't have to watch the one storyline that involves the 'movie' stars. 

now i have saved the best for last...
now...the first time we saw this, my family went with another family to the theater.  the whole movie i was literally guffawing while the other 8 in our group thought it was okay.  well, NOW my family thinks it is so funny--it just took them longer to appreciate this type of sophisticated humor. tee hee 
if you have never seen this holiday classic {well, it WAS made in 2003}, please watch it this year...here is just one of the funny scenes that makes me giggle--

 i hope that even if you will have to do some shopping this weekend, that you can take a couple of hours, curl up with your family, and watch a good movie!

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