a project update

i have been busy with all sorts of projects lately...none of which involve my regular cleaning and cooking duties, of course.

first of all...i must share how 'handy' i have been.  it seems that my sweet corgi, penny, is a chewer.  one evening when she was resting in the laundry room, it seems she decided that the cord and plug that allowed electricity to flow to my shoe dryer was too tempting to leave alone.  she managed to completely chew off the plug from the cord.  well, i love my shoe dryer {it truly is awesome at preventing smelly shoes from dancers and soccer players} so i was determined to fix it.  after 2 trips to the hardware store to get the right size replacement plug, i actually fixed it.  what a sense of accomplishment this gave me...honestly, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

next, i am sure that many of you have seen this book wreath floating around many blogs...

well, that was one project that i couldn't resist.  it is super cheap to make--the creator of this wreath actually bought a book called 'sweet charity' at the dollar store...i was worried that if someone looked too closely at my wreath and saw  harlequin romance pages, they would wonder about me.  so, i went to mardel and looked at their bargain books and was able to find a chronicles of narnia book for $2.50...so i splurged to protect my reputation.  here is my final project-

mine ended up a little more 'tubular' but i like it just the same.  it now has a home in my little, messy office.

then, i tried a 'little' martha wreath...

mine...well, i'm not sure--maybe it's the size of the cards...or maybe it's the number of cards displayed--but it just doesn't have that polished look.  i tried to keep the ribbon simple, just an ivory satin, so as not to clash with the cards, but it still looks rather messy.  oh well, here it is--

now i have a couple of other projects still left to do--some accordion books, a tiny paper gingerbread house, and some gift wrapping surprises.  this Christmas has been really fun in the crafting department--hope you all have found fun things to do, too!


Laura said...

I love the book wreath! I saw it on a couple of blogs and I thing it looks better a bit "tubular". I'm very impressed :)

Elle said...

I love your book wreath! I might just have to try that. And way to go on fixing the plug... I'm impressed!

I've been crafty too, but haven't taken pictures yet. Um, well, the crafty things aren't quite finished yet ... that might be why I haven't taken the pictures yet.