i smile when...

  •  i think about the grace of God given freely to me through belief in Jesus Christ...{romans 5:15-17}
  •  MHD and i go out for a simple dinner
  •  MTSC sits and visits with me...usually we are discussing the latest XBox 360 game or a sporting event but it's special any way.
  •  MDE asks for help with a craft...or wants to watch something we have tivo'd...or even just wants to be in the same room as me when i am cooking
  •  my corgi penny snuggles with me
  •  i watch MDE dance...she is absolutely radiant...shining the Light for all to see
  •  i get to take a 'guilt-free' nap
  •  i get to spend time with my 'church ladies' and their precious kids
  •  ben & jerry are sittin' in my freezer
  •  and most of all...when my friends read my blog and leave their comments!

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d.tennison said...

i smile when i read your blog : )