new bracelets

it has been quite some time since i have posted anything.  no excuses--just lazy i guess.  lazy in writing only, though.  i have managed to do a few constructive things around the house + a few crafts.  on this post, i described a bracelet i made for myself [and wear all the time now].  well, a friend of mine wanted me to make her one...take a look--
curb link with tcu colors
then the same website that gave the instructions for the above bracelet had another really cool, fairly simple diy bracelet.  so, i made one for this same friend...it was a bonus surprise, but now i'm thinking i will make one for myself!  i just hope i can 'pull it off'.  what do you all think? too avant garde for me?
here is the designer bracelet that inspired this diy...

hex nut bracelet by giles & brother $250
did you notice the price?  well, for just a few dollars and cents...you can make your own designer inspired bracelet.  directions are found here.

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n2theblue said...

"pull it off"????? it will look great on you!