really?!? seriously?!?

in the last couple of days, i have been faced with 2 different situations that made me scratch my head and wonder--really?!? seriously?!?

ok, first up--our new house has a side gate on the driveway that we open and close as we come and go...but sometimes, we [read:i] forget and leave the gate open.  we also use the back door to let the pups in and out--hoping that someone [again, read: i] has remembered to close the gate.  well, saturday was garage sale day in our neighborhood.  and trust me--you took your life in your hands driving along the streets in said neighborhood.  i had to go on a quick run to the hardware store [more on that in another post] around 8am--prime garage sale shopping time.  cars were speeding up and slowing down up and down the street and people were walking everywhere.  by the time i returned home, i was relieved to be staying put...and so i guess i was in a forgetful mood.  the gate was left open.  MHD decided the pups needed some fresh air and promptly let them out.  we didn't think anything about it until MHD gets a phone call wondering if we were missing a short, funny-looking dog.  what?!? does this look like a short, funny-looking dog to you?
i mean really!  isn't my penny just the sweetest, cutest looking pup?!

now my second situation involves what i guess i should call 'my black thumb'.  i love plants and flowers but for some reason everything botanical just doesn't make it if i have anything to do with it.  i keep trying though.  so what i really wanted to do was to try and grow an avocado tree from the pit [seed] of an avocado.   now i have heard that it is easy to get them to sprout and then replant so it can grow into a tree, but that it won't produce fruit for many years.  that's fine with me...i can accept that.  so i rinse my pit, stick in the 4 toothpicks, and put it in a jar with water on my window ledge...
looks good, right?  well, two weeks later...it looked like this--
do you see any sprouting?  do you see anything?  i mean really?!? don't they do this kind of experiment in grade school?

so i ditched that one and found another excuse to eat an avocado [hello? is there anything better than guacamole?]  so now we have 'avocado tree--take 2'.
let's hope this one works?  have any of you tried this bit of botany before?  if so, do you have any tips or suggestions?  i really want this to work...
no. really. seriously.


Anonymous said...

i think you gave up too soon.

and that was obviously an uncultured individual who used such shocking words about your adorable penny

Elle said...

Penny's adorable.

But about that avocado. I've been successful. You have to wait a LONG time to see anything sprouting. Probably at least 6 weeks or more. I'm not kidding. Just when I was about to ditch the whole project, there it was... a tiny, little root. It's quite the legend in our household, but now it's a regular little bushy thing. Not really tree-like.

So, I've heard if you want actual avocados to grow from them, you need 2. DHR was against the 2nd one, because he hates the cup with the toothpick thing, but he's now been overridden, and a 2nd one has been started. No root yet.

I think the key word here is patience.