recent reads roundup

i don't claim to be a book reviewer, so i will spare you too many comments on my recent reads...but, if you are interested--i will let you know a brief thought or two.

first of all, i must confess something.  when i received a kindle for my birthday, last november, i balked.  oh, i love the feel of a real book, the paper, the print, everything, i arrogantly said.  i would never use this contraption.  weeeelll, let me be honest--it did take until january for me to use my kindle, and although i still very much love an actual book (especially meaningful ones), i have embraced the kindle if for nothing else--once you read a book that you probably won't read again or weren't  particularly moved by it--it's perfect.  no giving away stacks of books (sometimes it feels soooo wasteful, you know?).

so on that note--my first kindle purchase...
i have already written a post about this book, so i won't bore you again...but i will say, inspiring and a fast read.

next, came this one--
a blurb about this one says this--
Following conviction for bank fraud, White spent a year in a minimum-security prison in Carville, La., housed in the last leper colony in mainland America. His fascinating memoir reflects on the sizable group of lepers living alongside the prisoners, social outcasts among the motley inmate crew of drug dealers, mob types and killers.
so, you might ask...why?  why read this?  well, it sounded interesting--i seem attracted to nonfiction/memoirs these days.  however, in my humble opinion, the parts about the patients with leprosy were intriguing but the memoir parts of the author were boring.

then came--
now...this is a memoir!  wow!  absolutely enthralling...
most people that are reading about zamperini these days are reading the book unbroken by laura hillenbrand.  i've heard it's good, but i wanted to hear the tale 'straight from the horse's mouth' if you know what i mean.  not only that, (although i haven't read her book) i have heard that she doesn't devote too much of the book to his renewed life back in the states after his ordeal.  i was fascinated by this story--beginning to end.  my only hope is that this amazing tale is all true...after reading his first book and being inspired, i now find myself disappointed in the latest revelations about greg mortenson and his 'three cups of tea'.

ok...up next--
ok...i tried to like this one.  it seemed to have things i enjoy reading about--a memoir, food, love, war.  only thing was...it was just 'meh' for me so i didn't finish it.  fail.

but onward i went.  next and staying with the middle east theme...
now this one i liked.  it's tagline was 'five sisters, one remarkable family, and the woman who risked everything to keep them safe'.  although i thought it would describe more harrowing events...my eyes have been opened to all about the restrictions the taliban put in place, especially for women, in afghanistan.  it's a quick, easy read. 

are you believin' just how many books i have read since january?  for some people it may seemed like nothin'...but for me, a world class procraftinator and slow reader, i have done well.

my next read was on a kindle, but not mine.  i borrowed MHD to read my next book--
i will just say...interesting.  i'm still not sure about it...my cynicism is showing, huh?

my last completed book was my favorite...and only because i decided to 'lighten it up a bit'...
let me preface my 'review' with this...i don't often read 'celebrity' books, but i made an exception, i guess, because i find her self-deprecating humor to be relatable...she doesn't really gloss over much.  also, i must say--the cover creeped me out a bit, but with a kindle...you don't have to look at it after you have seen it once!
anyway, this book made me laugh...through the whole thing.  i love laughing.  be warned though...if you are sensitive to curse words (well, actually just the f-word), she does use it a few times.

my latest purchase, that i have only just started and haven't decided about yet--
i'm hoping that it reads like one of my favorite humorist's books, the know-it-all and my life as an experiment by a.j. jacobs.  we will see.

i am also reading a real ink and paper book...
i am enjoying this one immensely but, as i said before, i am a slow reader. i really want to comprehend this one so it is taking me a loooong time.

now it's your turn...read any good books lately?  any suggestions for me?  and not to worry (as if you were...) i have been crafting, too so hopefully i'll post about those soon!

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