an attempt

bear with me, will you?
because i was not the most faithful of posters this summer, i have so many 'old' things to share with you--events, crafts, etc....

for my first 'thing of the past', i would like your opinion/thoughts on my attempt to copy take inspiration from an etsy designer.  i know it's not exactly the best thing to do--that is, make something that is being offered on etsy, but i just wanted to see if i could do it--i would never think of marketing it.  it's just that it is so cute and i love a challenge.

here is the original from clairelafaye--

and just so you can see more of the details--

beautiful, huh?  but $88?
here is the copy designer-inspired tank i made for MDE--
the front

the back



Molly said...

susan, that's adorable!!!!

deb said...

beautiful! i'd say you nailed it.