weekend in washington...finally, part 3!

ok...i think i know one reason that i do not have more followers--not that it matters--but maybe if i was better at writing regularly [and possibly shorter posts], it would be more interesting.  just a thought.

anyway, i can't believe how long it has been since i have written anything.  so new plan--finish up my travelogue and then in the next few days, share how i have been procraftinating lately.

i think we left off with MHD and i heading to woodinville for some wine tastings.  last time we were in seattle, we met a winemaker named mike januik.  his winery is in woodinville, so we really wanted to check it out.  he shares a space with another winery named novelty hill.  oh, it was so cool--

and the best thing was that they had these cool, comfy chairs by a fireplace.  they looked like this only in a deep orange-red fabric--
well--seeing how i love great chair design, i had to know the manufacturer.  it seems the older i get, the less embarrassed i get when doing something odd...so i stood up, lifted the end of the chair up--yes, right there in the tasting room full of people--and found out they are made by hickory business furniture.
if you click on the link i have provided, you will see that the name deceives...they make some great looking lounge chairs, too.  so--if you visit our home in the near future...maybe you will see one of their beautiful chairs [i plan on purchasing a couple soon].

by the way, we thoroughly enjoyed the wine and MHD had a few bottles shipped home to us.

next, we went to the biggest, most commercial winery in town--chateau st. michelle.  the grounds were beautiful but we decided to just have one glass to share instead of a flight.

after an afternoon of relaxing and wine tasting...we headed to the herbfarm for a nine course dinner.  intrigued?  hopefully i will post about that very soon for the last installment of 'weekend in washington'...

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