a little crafting

this post will probably short...i've got a lot to do these days {more on that later}--but i wanted to share my latest 'creations'.

my mother has been wanting a corsage tee and so i tried something new.  i made the flowers out of chiffon.  the idea was to let them fray a bit, but being a black tee shirt...it really bothered me how messy that looked.  little threads were all over it.  so i went to plan b.  i had read somewhere that you could 'curl' the ends of chiffon by holding the edges over a candle, essentially melting the fabric.  well, i really wanted the flowers to be softer than that, so i tried barely melting the edges...just enough to 'seal' them.  i really liked the way it turned out.

the pictures don't it justice...the flowers truly are very floppy and light.

the other project was so much fun...so much fun, in fact that i am planning on using the same technique/idea to make my bean bags for craft hope.
i found the directions on how to make these cute creatures here.
i call these 'little bunny foofoos'.  are you familiar with this nursery song?  it has always been one of my favorites...if for nothing else, it's pure silliness.  here is the first verse...
Little bunny foo-foo, (hold up two fingers)
hopping through the forest (bounce your hand up and down)
Scooping up the field mice, (make a scooping motion with hand)
and bopping them on the head. (slap top of fist with palm)
Then down came the Good Fairy, and she said:
Little Bunny Foo-Foo, (wag forefinger - "no-no")
I don't wanna see you (wag forefinger - "no-no")
Scooping up the field mice, (scooping motion with hand)
and bopping them on the head. (slap top of fist with palm)
I'll give you 3 chances,
and if you don't behave,
I'll turn you into a Goon!

...and it goes on from there--so fun!
i made a total of 5...for some of the kids at my church.  i hope they have as much fun playing with them as i did making them.


Elle said...

That t-shirt is really cute! I gave you a little award... it's over on my blog. ;)

Molly said...

Jack looooooooved his Little Bunny Foo-Foo! :)